A High-End Business Summit for the Middle East Food Industry eager to realise business connections with new European and Asian Suppliers.

The participation package exists of:
  • Pre-arranged meetings offering you 1 – on – 1 sessions with potential customers in the Gulf Region
  • Key – Note Conference sessions offered to you by leading trade consultants and food specialists
  • On-site company branding with product showcases

Between 40 – 120 suppliers and 60 – 80 buyers, minimum of 10 meetings per supplier.

This is your marketing model to grow your Middle East business. Reserve your package now, because first come, first served.

How to book and benefit

You are a supplier and want to meet the buyer. You get:
1️⃣ A minimum of 10 meetings per supplier with:
  • Retail groups
  • Specialized retail
  • Importers
  • Food service
  • Distributors
  • Buying alliances

2️⃣ Free Conference sessions to educate, inspire and get ready to realize your business plans

3️⃣ Company Expo Area for branding, product showcase and tasting

You are a buyer and want to meet a new supplier
  • Short term deals
  • Private label goods
  • Brands
  • Independent brands
  • New product innovations

For more information on exhibiting

Chris Gottschalk

0031 76 205 0501

Ronald Holman

0031 76 205 0501

Mr. Ad van der Schans

0031 76 205 0501